Samsung patents granted on 02 December 2008

78 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D582,110 Body of vacuum cleaner
2 D581,976 Color laser complex
3 D581,975 Toner cartridge
4 D581,963 Projector
5 D581,921 Mobile personal computer
6 D581,919 Front panel for DVD receiver
7 D581,896 Cellular phone
8 D581,895 Portable phone
9 D581,893 Cellular phone
10 D581,892 Portable phone
11 D581,891 Portable phone
12 D581,890 Portable telephone
13 D581,889 Cellular phone
14 7,461,373 Apparatus and method for upgrading software of a wireless mobile station
15 7,461,361 Method of creating core-tile-switch mapping architecture in on-chip bus and computer-readable medium for recording the method
16 7,461,327 Digital data coding apparatus, DVD recording apparatus, and method of using the same
17 7,461,184 Integrated circuit device having two or more input ports and system for the device
18 7,460,794 Image forming apparatus and method
19 7,460,767 Apparatus and method for recording/reproducing moving picture and recording medium
20 7,460,766 Recording medium having recorded thereon a data structure capable of linking and reproducing audio data and video data, and method and apparatus of recording/reproducing using the data structure
21 7,460,579 Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
22 7,460,552 Method for managing a group in a star network and apparatus using the method
23 7,460,522 Composite voice service terminal apparatus, and method for using the same
24 7,460,506 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a cell identification code in a mobile communication system
25 7,460,458 Apparatus and method for generating write pulse appropriate for various optical recording media
26 7,460,454 Method and apparatus for managing disc defect using temporary DFL and temporary DDS including drive & disc information disc with temporary DFL and temporary DDS
27 7,460,452 System and method for restoring an optical disc signal
28 7,460,428 Dynamic random access memory and communications terminal including the same
29 7,460,418 Semiconductor memory device for stack package and read data skew control method thereof
30 7,460,417 Semiconductor device, semiconductor memory device and data strobe method
31 7,460,412 Flash memory device and erasing method thereof
32 7,460,403 Flash memory devices and methods of operating the same
33 7,460,386 Layout method of a semiconductor memory device
34 7,460,308 Slim liquid lens
35 7,460,210 Auto focus system, auto focus method, and exposure apparatus using the same
36 7,460,192 Liquid crystal display, thin film diode panel, and manufacturing method of the same
37 7,460,191 Liquid crystal display
38 7,460,172 Frame interpolating method and apparatus thereof at frame rate conversion
39 7,460,096 Display panel, light emitting display device using the same, and driving method thereof
40 7,460,092 Organic electroluminescent display and driving method thereof
41 7,460,090 Image display device and drive method thereof
42 7,460,089 Driving apparatus of plasma display panel
43 7,460,069 Monopole antenna applicable to MIMO system
44 7,460,039 Serializer and method of converting parallel data into serial data
45 7,459,993 Resonator, band-pass filter, and duplexer
46 7,459,957 Fuse circuit with leakage path elimination
47 7,459,929 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and on-die termination circuit
48 7,459,852 Plasma display panel having different structures on display and non-display areas
49 7,459,851 Plasma display panel having delta pixel arrangement
50 7,459,846 Red phosphor and method of preparing the same, and red light emitting diode, white light emitting diode, and active dynamic liquid crystal device using the red phosphor
51 7,459,843 Electron emission device with multilayered insulating layers
52 7,459,840 Shadow mask for cathode ray tube (CRT)
53 7,459,838 Plasma display device, TCP applied thereto, and method of manufacturing the TCP
54 7,459,809 X-Y stage driver having locking device and data storage system having the X-Y stage driver
55 7,459,789 Bonding method of flexible film and display bonded thereby
56 7,459,779 Pad arrangement of driver IC chip for LCD and related circuit pattern structure of TAB package
57 7,459,774 Stacked chip package using photosensitive polymer and manufacturing method thereof
58 7,459,754 Semiconductor device having ESD protection circuit with time delay
59 7,459,745 Methods of forming capacitors for semiconductor memory devices and resulting semiconductor memory devices
60 7,459,736 Ferroelectric capacitor and ferroelectric memory with Ir-Ru alloy electrode and method of manufacturing the same
61 7,459,549 Composition for preparing nanoporous material
62 7,459,512 Process for preparing perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether copolymer and copolymer
63 7,459,388 Methods of forming dual-damascene interconnect structures using adhesion layers having high internal compressive stresses
64 7,459,372 Methods of manufacturing a thin film including hafnium titanium oxide and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device including the same
65 7,459,370 Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device having plurality of storage node electrodes
66 7,459,364 Methods of forming self-aligned floating gates using multi-etching
67 7,459,359 Methods of fabricating vertical channel field effect transistors having insulating layers thereon
68 7,459,353 Methods of laterally forming single crystalline thin film regions from seed layers
69 7,459,328 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
70 7,459,323 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
71 7,459,235 Anode composition for lithium battery, and anode and lithium battery using the same
72 7,459,232 Secondary battery having safety valve and method of manufacturing same
73 7,458,833 Inseparable PCB module in a sub body of a device
74 7,458,762 Apparatus and method for positioning semiconductor substrate
75 7,458,712 Light guide plate and liquid crystal display device having the same
76 7,458,703 Light emitting diode package having dual lens structure for lateral light emission
77 7,458,675 Inkjet printing system and driving method thereof
78 7,458,266 Method and apparatus for detecting a load change upon a structure and analyzing characteristics of resulting damage