Samsung patents granted on 08 April 2008

101 US patents granted on 08 April 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D566,254 Wall-mounted air conditioner
2 D566,128 Video display for PDA
3 D566,127 Video display for telephone
4 D566,126 TV receiver with pictorial image
5 D566,110 Keypad of a portable telephone
6 D566,094 Mobile phone
7 D566,093 Mobile phone
8 D566,086 Mobile phone
9 D566,085 Mobile phone
10 D566,084 Portable phone
11 D566,083 Portable telephone
12 D566,082 Mobile phone
13 D566,081 Mobile phone
14 D566,077 Mobile phone
15 7,356,822 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
16 7,356,821 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
17 7,356,801 Standard platform for network technology group and application method thereof
18 7,356,684 Booting system and/or method for initializing peripherals
19 7,356,646 Memory card using NAND flash memory and its operating method
20 7,356,577 System and method for providing an online software upgrade in load sharing servers
21 7,356,466 Method and apparatus for performing observation probability calculations
22 7,356,439 Motion detection apparatus and method
23 7,356,339 Method and apparatus for allocating an Unicast Access Terminal Identifier according to an access terminal’s movement to subnet in a high-speed data dedicated system
24 7,356,331 System and method of deleting a call log and message log in a mobile phone
25 7,356,326 Direct-conversion receiver for removing DC offset
26 7,356,320 Apparatus and method for removing DC offset in a frequency direct-conversion device
27 7,356,299 Fusing roller and fusing apparatus having the same
28 7,356,285 Image forming apparatus and a driving method for the same having concurrently stopping motors
29 7,356,276 High voltage generator and method of sensing roller resistance
30 7,356,269 Apparatus and method for sensing waste toner in an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
31 7,356,267 Jam removing method and printer using toner save mode
32 7,356,099 Method for processing protocol data units in a high-speed downlink packet access communication system
33 7,356,097 Apparatus and method for detecting binary data
34 7,356,090 Transmission/reception apparatus for a wireless communication system with three transmission antennas
35 7,356,084 Method for tracking the disappearance of detected logos within digital video signals
36 7,356,080 MPEG-4 encoder using H.263 multimedia chip
37 7,356,061 Multi-beam semiconductor laser
38 7,356,016 System and method for deleting tunnelling in connection between mobile node and correspondent node
39 7,356,002 Method for reserving a new care of address (CoA) in advance to achieve a fast handover under a mobile internet protocol version 6 (IPV6) environment
40 7,355,960 Channel estimation apparatus and method for adaptive channel allocation in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
41 7,355,955 Nanoscale digital data storage device
42 7,355,953 Optical pickup for cutting off optical noise and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
43 7,355,951 High density data recording/reproduction method utilizing electron emission and phase change media, and data recording system adopting the same, and media for the system
44 7,355,950 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, disk manufacturing apparatus, recording and/or reproducing method, disk manufacturing method, and information recording medium using recording and/or reproducing unit blocks having different sizes in different areas
45 7,355,943 Method of recording and/or reproducing data with respect to multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas
46 7,355,935 Method of recording physical address information on optical disc and optical disc having the same
47 7,355,912 Auto-precharge control circuit in semiconductor memory and method thereof
48 7,355,910 Semiconductor memory device with shift redundancy circuits
49 7,355,901 Synchronous output buffer, synchronous memory device and method of testing access time
50 7,355,900 Output buffer circuit for semiconductor memory device
51 7,355,891 Fabricating bi-directional nonvolatile memory cells
52 7,355,870 Switching mode power supply and method for outputting voltage therefrom
53 7,355,834 Cover unit of a substrate for an image forming apparatus and method
54 7,355,820 Head drum assembly for tape recorder and method of assembling the same
55 7,355,803 Method and apparatus for optimizing hard disc drive and/or recording medium for the same
56 7,355,797 Color display device using separate diffracted light and illumination light
57 7,355,785 Gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier
58 7,355,784 Electrophoretic display
59 7,355,761 Driving apparatus and method for image scanning and/or forming machine
60 7,355,729 Apparatus and method for measuring a thickness of a substrate
61 7,355,666 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
62 7,355,665 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
63 7,355,576 LCD panel, LCD including same, and driving method thereof
64 7,355,570 Method of expressing gray level of high load image and plasma display panel driving apparatus using the method
65 7,355,566 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
66 7,355,565 Plasma display panel driving method
67 7,355,564 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
68 7,355,559 Small planar antenna with enhanced bandwidth and small strip radiator
69 7,355,558 Chip antenna
70 7,355,543 Digital-to-analog converter using capacitors and operational amplifier
71 7,355,532 voltage level coding system and method
72 7,355,529 Binary image compression apparatus and method
73 7,355,488 Differential amplifier for use in ring oscillator
74 7,355,446 Voltage conversion circuit with stable transition delay characteristic
75 7,355,357 Plasma accelerator
76 7,355,345 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing partitions thereof
77 7,355,344 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
78 7,355,333 Flat-type fluorescent lamp, liquid crystal display having the same, and method thereof
79 7,355,332 Cathode ray tube
80 7,355,274 Semiconductor package, manufacturing method thereof and IC chip
81 7,355,252 Electrostatic discharge protection device and method of fabricating the same
82 7,355,206 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
83 7,355,198 Organic thin film transistor including organic acceptor film
84 7,355,176 Method of forming TEM specimen and related protection layer
85 7,354,871 Nanowires comprising metal nanodots and method for producing the same
86 7,354,868 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using a dilute aqueous solution of an ammonia and peroxide mixture
87 7,354,835 Method of fabricating CMOS transistor and CMOS transistor fabricated thereby
88 7,354,827 Transistor having asymmetric channel region, semiconductor device including the same, and method of fabricating semiconductor device including the same
89 7,354,823 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having carbon nanotube electrodes therein
90 7,354,821 Methods of fabricating trench capacitors with insulating layer collars in undercut regions
91 7,354,813 Method for electrostatic discharge protection in integrated circuits
92 7,354,781 Method of manufacturing field emission device
93 7,354,687 Dry toner blended with wax
94 7,354,534 Composition for overcoat layer of organophotoreceptor, organophotoreceptor manufactured by employing the same and the electrophotographic imaging apparatus containing the same
95 7,354,521 Method of fabricating inkjet print head using photocurable resin composition
96 7,354,251 Variable capacity rotary compressor
97 7,354,250 Variable capacity rotary compressor
98 7,354,013 Idler for tape recorder
99 7,353,997 RFID barcode and RFID barcode reading system
100 7,353,696 Apparatus for measuring methanol concentration
101 7,353,624 Clothing drying machine and method for sensing dryness level using the same