Samsung patents granted on 19 November 2013

158 US patents granted on 19 November 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D693,928 Hemanalysis apparatus
2 D693,873 Printer
3 D693,872 English type font
4 D693,815 Desktop dock for mobile terminal
5 D693,814 Docking station for portable electronic device
6 D693,808 External hard disk drive
7 D693,807 External hard disk drive
8 D693,806 External hard disk drive
9 D693,786 Mobile terminal
10 D693,678 Packaging box
11 8,590,055 Method and apparatus for importing content having plurality of parts
12 8,589,995 Server and method for providing synchronization information, client apparatus and method for synchronizing additional information with broadcast program
13 8,589,988 Method for swapping sink device and apparatus for providing contents using the same
14 8,589,981 Method for providing widgets and TV using the same
15 8,589,959 Disk drive with enhanced lead screw
16 8,589,958 Disc drive with lock release unit
17 8,589,889 Apparatus and method of detecting errors in embedded software
18 8,589,820 Mobile terminal and method for retrieving phone number therein
19 8,589,767 Systems, devices and methods using redundant error correction code bit storage
20 8,589,647 Apparatus and method for synchronizing a snapshot image
21 8,589,618 Memory system comprising nonvolatile memory device and controller
22 8,589,173 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding speech signal using coding mode
23 8,589,070 Apparatus and method for compensating position information in portable terminal
24 8,588,978 Robot
25 8,588,867 Mobile terminal, method of controlling wireless charging thereof, and wireless charging system thereof
26 8,588,865 Method and apparatus for removing acoustic incident signal
27 8,588,859 Method for controlling communication setting of mobile terminal and mobile terminal thereof
28 8,588,858 Portable terminal with dual hinge axes
29 8,588,838 Apparatus and method for controlling power in mobile communication system
30 8,588,832 Precoding method for femtocell or picocell and communication system of using the method
31 8,588,823 System and method for providing location information service using mobile code
32 8,588,795 Scheduling apparatus and method in a distributed antenna system
33 8,588,790 Apparatus and method for operating small cell in wireless communication system
34 8,588,789 Mobile communication system with device handover and method of operation thereof
35 8,588,786 Method and apparatus for IP encapsulated tandem hard handoff in CDMA networks
36 8,588,699 Apparatus and method for avoiding channel interference in a single channel sensor network
37 8,588,549 Image forming apparatus and de-skew method thereof
38 8,588,530 Method and camera for detecting a region having a specific shape
39 8,588,512 Localization method for a moving robot
40 8,588,467 Apparatus and method for detecting hands of subject in real time
41 8,588,345 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing receiver
42 8,588,318 Method for demodulating signal and terminal and base station for executing the method
43 8,588,316 QR decomposition detection device and method supporting interference whitening
44 8,588,313 Scalable video coding method and apparatus and scalable video decoding method and apparatus
45 8,588,307 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding mode information
46 8,588,281 Transceiver having embedded clock interface and method of operating transceiver
47 8,588,269 Laser crystallization apparatus and laser crystallization method using the same
48 8,588,259 Multiplexing large payloads of control information from user equipments
49 8,588,248 Packet routing apparatus and method
50 8,588,235 Method of providing multicast/broadcast service using WiBro/WiMAX network and system using the method
51 8,588,189 Wireless internet terminal and packet transmission method for improving quality of service
52 8,588,183 Access router and method of processing handover by access router
53 8,588,176 System and method for performing handover in WiMAX mobile communication system
54 8,588,175 Method and apparatus for performing handover using packet data convergence protocol (PDCP) reordering in mobile communication system
55 8,588,153 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control channel in a mobile communication system
56 8,588,147 Method and system for subcarrier division duplexing
57 8,588,145 Method for allocating and accessing radio resources in OFDMA system
58 8,588,122 Method of transmitting data to multi destinations in wireless LAN system
59 8,588,085 Method and apparatus for supporting idle mode of mobile station in wireless communication system
60 8,588,067 Apparatus and method for filtering IP packet in mobile communication terminal
61 8,588,017 Memory circuits, systems, and modules for performing DRAM refresh operations and methods of operating the same
62 8,588,010 Semiconductor device having resistance based memory array, method of reading and writing, and systems associated therewith
63 8,588,002 Nonvolatile memory devices and programming methods thereof in which a program inhibit voltage is changed during programming
64 8,588,001 Integrated circuit memory devices having vertically arranged strings of memory cells therein and methods of operating same
65 8,587,997 Memory system to determine interference of a memory cell by adjacent memory cells, and operating method thereof
66 8,587,960 Display device
67 8,587,946 Semiconductor module socket apparatus
68 8,587,938 Portable communication device and cradle apparatus thereof
69 8,587,937 Display device and manufacturing mold set of front cover thereof
70 8,587,935 Container member, method of manufacturing the same, and display device having the same
71 8,587,920 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
72 8,587,893 Base structure for device having a base body and base reinforcing plate and hard disk drive having the base structure
73 8,587,887 Color filter substrate and method of manufacturing the same
74 8,587,885 Focusing device for beam projector
75 8,587,800 Method and apparatus to generate XHTML-Print contents
76 8,587,761 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
77 8,587,759 Thin film transistor array panel having improved flicker and cross-talk characteristics
78 8,587,754 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
79 8,587,751 Display panel and display apparatus having the same
80 8,587,747 Backlight assembly with a reflective member covering interface between substrate units
81 8,587,746 Liquid crystal display and method of assembling the same
82 8,587,744 Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
83 8,587,740 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and display device having the same
84 8,587,738 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
85 8,587,724 Display apparatus and control method thereof
86 8,587,713 Digital camera and method of controlling the same that calculates needed flash emission
87 8,587,700 Method of detecting defects in image sensor, tester for the method, and control signal generator for the method
88 8,587,692 Method and apparatus for increasing dynamic range of image by using electronic shutter
89 8,587,691 Photographing apparatus and method for dynamic range adjustment and stereography
90 8,587,690 Apparatus and method for processing image by using characteristic of light source
91 8,587,685 Method and apparatus for retrieving label
92 8,587,676 Digital image processing apparatus including handshake correction module and methods of controlling the digital image processing apparatus
93 8,587,671 Digital image processing apparatus, an image processing method, and a recording medium storing the image processing method for obtaining an out-of-focus image by using a plurality of images
94 8,587,642 Autostereoscopic display system
95 8,587,619 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
96 8,587,618 Method, medium, and system implementing wide angle viewing
97 8,587,592 Tile-based rendering apparatus and method
98 8,587,580 Liquid crystal display
99 8,587,578 Pixel and organic light emitting display device
100 8,587,576 Organic light emitting display
101 8,587,575 Display device controlling a power source to equal a saturation voltage and driving method thereof
102 8,587,564 Touch module, display device having the touch module, and method for detecting a touch position of the touch module
103 8,587,561 Multi-sensing touch panel and display apparatus using the same
104 8,587,559 Multipoint nanostructure-film touch screen
105 8,587,511 Liquid crystal display panel, liquid crystal display device having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
106 8,587,506 Display device
107 8,587,504 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
108 8,587,499 Organic light emitting diode display
109 8,587,363 High frequency switching circuit reducing power consumption and method of controlling the same
110 8,587,355 Coarse lock detector and delay-locked loop including the same
111 8,587,347 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
112 8,587,256 Battery management system and driving method for the system
113 8,587,191 Organic light emitting device and color display apparatus using the same
114 8,587,134 Semiconductor packages
115 8,587,108 Package for semiconductor device including guide rings and manufacturing method of the same
116 8,587,096 Semiconductor device including shielding layer and fabrication method thereof
117 8,587,052 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
118 8,587,045 Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming the same
119 8,587,010 Light emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,587,006 Organic light-emitting display
121 8,587,005 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device array
122 8,586,990 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor array substrate
123 8,586,989 Thin film transistor array panel and display device
124 8,586,984 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,586,979 Oxide semiconductor transistor and method of manufacturing the same
126 8,586,978 Non-volatile memory device including diode-storage node and cross-point memory array including the non-volatile memory device
127 8,586,970 Organic light emitting display device having polarizable particles in sealant and method of manufacturing the same
128 8,586,962 Cross point memory arrays, methods of manufacturing the same, masters for imprint processes, and methods of manufacturing masters
129 8,586,903 Counter circuits, analog to digital converters, image sensors and digital imaging systems including the same
130 8,586,863 Solar cells and methods of forming the same
131 8,586,689 Polymer, and composition and film including the same
132 8,586,660 Dielectric paste composition, method of forming dielectric layer, dielectric layer, and device including the dielectric layer
133 8,586,642 Aerogel, composition for the aerogel, and method of making the aerogel
134 8,586,477 Semiconductor apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing semiconductor package
135 8,586,458 Process of preparing carbon nanotube having improved conductivity
136 8,586,427 Thin film transistors and methods of manufacturing thin film transistors
137 8,586,401 Gas injection device and solar cell manufacturing method using the same
138 8,586,267 Removable transparent membrane for a pellicle
139 8,586,263 Fuel cell electrode, membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system including membrane-electrode assembly
140 8,586,249 Electrolyte for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery including the same
141 8,586,247 Positive electrode active material comprising an agglomeration of at least two primary particles for lithium battery and lithium battery using the same
142 8,586,236 Rechargeable battery
143 8,586,235 Battery module
144 8,586,230 Battery module and method of manufacturing the same
145 8,586,228 Battery module
146 8,586,223 Cylindrical secondary battery
147 8,586,221 Rechargeable battery with protective circuit board lead plates connection
148 8,586,217 Protective circuit module
149 8,586,198 Dendritic molecule containing metal phthalocyanine, method of preparing the same and organic light emitting diode comprising the dendritic molecule
150 8,586,128 Light emitting diode package having multi-stepped reflecting surface structure and fabrication method thereof
151 8,586,002 Lithium titanium oxide for anode active material for lithium rechargeable battery, method of preparing lithium titanium oxide, and lithium rechargeable battery including lithium titanium oxide
152 8,585,917 Etching, cleaning and drying methods using supercritical fluid and chamber systems using these methods
153 8,585,454 Display device, method of manufacturing the same, and manufacturing the same
154 8,585,391 Photomask cleaning apparatus and methods of cleaning a photomask using the same
155 8,585,289 Spindle motor
156 8,585,172 Ink discharge apparatus and method of controlling the same
157 8,584,492 Washing machine with detergent supply path
158 8,584,306 Robot cleaner and method for controlling the same