Samsung patents granted on 22 April 2008

104 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D567,260 Refrigerator
2 D567,252 Computer monitor with user interface
3 D567,250 Television receiver having indicated image design displayed thereon
4 D567,237 Table computer equipped with monitor
5 D567,236 Notebook computer
6 D567,208 Portable telephone
7 D567,207 Portable phone
8 D567,205 Portable phone with removable wireless earpiece
9 D567,204 DVD recorder
10 D567,203 DVD recorder
11 D567,199 LCD television set
12 D567,198 PDP television receiver
13 D567,193 Setop box
14 7,363,570 Method of converting parity check matrix for low density parity check coding
15 7,363,554 Method of detecting errors in a priority encoder and a content addressable memory adopting the same
16 7,363,441 Portable storage apparatus and method for freely changing data bus width
17 7,363,428 Microprocessor with hot routine memory and method of operation
18 7,363,185 Fluxgate sensor for calibrating azimuth at slope and calibration method thereof
19 7,363,153 Re-routing apparatus and method for calculating an optimum alternative path to an original path from a position deviated from the original path in a navigation system and a navigation system using the same
20 7,363,065 Automatic sliding-type mobile communication terminal, method of automatically driving sliding-type mobile communication terminal, and method of detecting incoming call to sliding-type mobile communication terminal
21 7,363,038 System and method for performing handover operation in broadband wireless access communication system
22 7,362,984 Duplex printing apparatus having a detachable guide frame
23 7,362,978 Duobinary optical transmission apparatus
24 7,362,968 Combination camera and DSC lens control method using the same
25 7,362,944 Combination system using set-up value commonly, and method for setting up value of the same
26 7,362,874 Speaker system having a front speaker integrated with a reflection-type surround speaker
27 7,362,867 Apparatus and method for generating scrambling code in UMTS mobile communication system
28 7,362,808 Device for and method of estimating motion in video encoder
29 7,362,806 Object activity modeling method
30 7,362,790 Apparatus and method for generating pseudo-replica signals in a CDMA communication system
31 7,362,763 Apparatus and method for classifying traffic in a distributed architecture router
32 7,362,756 Fast handoff method with CoA pre-reservation and routing in use of access point in wireless networks
33 7,362,754 Apparatus and method for maintaining packet sequencing in a parallel router
34 7,362,733 Transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for packet retransmission in a mobile communication system
35 7,362,693 Near-field optical storage medium and optical data storage system therefor
36 7,362,691 Optical disc having tracking polarity information, and apparatuses and methods for recording and reproducing user data on the same
37 7,362,689 Optical pickup and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus adopting the same
38 7,362,679 Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing with respect to the medium
39 7,362,678 Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
40 7,362,675 Apparatus for recording data to and/or reproducing data from a write once disc
41 7,362,648 Memory system, memory device, and output data strobe signal generating method
42 7,362,635 Semiconductor memory device
43 7,362,612 Program method for flash memory capable of compensating for the reduction of read margin between states
44 7,362,579 Portable electronic apparatus having a cooling device
45 7,362,538 Torque constant correction method in multiple sinusoidal seek servo and disk drive using the same
46 7,362,531 Controlling hard disk drive based on portable terminal movements
47 7,362,513 Serration apparatus for portable terminal
48 7,362,484 Optical scanner package with optical noise reduction
49 7,362,402 Wires for liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display having the same
50 7,362,393 Four color liquid crystal display
51 7,362,375 Scanning conversion apparatus and method
52 7,362,360 Digital camera and method for saving digital image
53 7,362,303 Device and method of driving light source in display devices
54 7,362,296 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
55 7,362,295 Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display and for determining type of image represented by image data
56 7,362,288 Organic electroluminescence panel, a display with the same, and an apparatus and a method for driving thereof
57 7,362,287 Image display device and drive method thereof
58 7,362,249 Current range control circuit, data driver, and organic light emitting display
59 7,362,158 Level shifter and a display device having the same
60 7,362,128 Programmable impedance control circuit in semiconductor device and impedance range shifting method thereof
61 7,362,123 Inspection apparatus for thin film transistor substrate
62 7,362,080 Power regulator having over-current protection circuit and method of providing over-current protection thereof
63 7,362,051 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same resulting in improved contrast and improved chromaticity
64 7,362,047 Inorganic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,362,045 Field emission display having grid plate
66 7,362,044 Electron gun for cathode ray tube and cathode ray tube with the same
67 7,362,042 Plasma display device having a thermal conduction medium
68 7,361,956 Semiconductor device having partially insulated field effect transistor (PiFET) and method of fabricating the same
69 7,361,873 Linearly reciprocating tray for microwave oven
70 7,361,866 Cooking apparatus using barcode
71 7,361,612 Barrier coating compositions containing silicon and methods of forming photoresist patterns using the same
72 7,361,609 Mask patterns for semiconductor device fabrication and related methods
73 7,361,606 Method of forming a metal line and method of manufacturing display substrate having the same
74 7,361,591 Method of fabricating semiconductor memory device
75 7,361,565 Method of forming a metal gate in a semiconductor device
76 7,361,563 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using a selective epitaxial growth technique
77 7,361,560 Method of manufacturing a dielectric layer in a memory device that includes nitriding step
78 7,361,554 Multi-bit non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and method of manufacturing the multi-bit non-volatile memory device
79 7,361,550 Methods of fabricating semiconductor memory devices including electrode contact structures having reduced contact resistance
80 7,361,548 Methods of forming a capacitor using an atomic layer deposition process
81 7,361,547 Method for forming a capacitor for use in a semiconductor device
82 7,361,545 Field effect transistor with buried gate pattern
83 7,361,537 Method of fabricating recess channel array transistor
84 7,361,524 Method of manufacturing floating structure
85 7,361,521 Method of manufacturing vertical GaN-based light emitting diode
86 7,361,435 Method of creating a layout of a set of masks
87 7,361,433 Photomask for forming photoresist patterns repeating in two dimensions and method of fabricating the same
88 7,361,431 Cathode electrode including a porous conductive material coated and/or filled with sulfur and/or a sulfur-containing organic compound and lithium battery containing the same
89 7,361,417 Phosphor layer, image display device employing the same and method for making the phosphor layer
90 7,361,416 Donor film for flat panel display and method of fabricating OLED using the same
91 7,361,289 Green light-emitting phosphor for vacuum ultraviolet-excited light-emitting device, light-emitting device including the same, and method of preparing the same
92 7,361,286 Method of detecting etching end-point
93 7,361,228 Showerheads for providing a gas to a substrate and apparatus
94 7,361,223 Method and apparatus for eliminating a display defect in a liquid crystal display device
95 7,361,200 Cyclone dust separating apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same
96 7,360,992 Fan to generate air flow in axial and radial directions
97 7,360,943 Liquid crystal display device having a container module with a novel structure
98 7,360,942 Receiving container for a display apparatus, backlight assembly and display apparatus having the receiving container, and method thereof
99 7,360,941 Light emitting diode backlight and liquid crystal display having the same
100 7,360,937 White light generating unit, backlight assembly having the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
101 7,360,928 Tilting device
102 7,360,480 Bread maker
103 7,360,377 Refrigerator
104 7,360,274 Vacuum cleaner having integral frame assembly and removable main body