Samsung patents granted on 26 November 2013

165 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D694,311 Earphone glasses
2 D694,310 Glasses with earphones
3 D694,303 Digital camera
4 D694,302 Digital camera
5 D694,262 Display screen portion with icon
6 D694,258 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
7 D694,246 Case for portable computer
8 D694,236 Pen for portable electronic device
9 D694,225 Portable electronic device
10 D694,224 Portable electronic device
11 D694,213 Mobile phone
12 D694,212 Mobile terminal
13 D694,211 Mobile terminal
14 D694,206 Monitor
15 8,595,856 Apparatus and method for installing software
16 8,595,852 Method for providing shared contents in a portable terminal to an external apparatus
17 8,595,834 Detecting unauthorized use of computing devices based on behavioral patterns
18 8,595,793 System and method for user login to a multimedia system using a remote control
19 8,595,759 Information storage medium storing a plurality of titles, reproducing apparatus and method thereof
20 8,595,755 Ground unit and disk drive having the same
21 8,595,726 Apparatus and method for parallel processing
22 8,595,657 Methods of forming a photo mask
23 8,595,601 Methods of performing error detection/correction in nonvolatile memory devices
24 8,595,496 Method and system for updating time information of a DRM device
25 8,595,412 Data storage device and data storage system including the same
26 8,595,409 Apparatus and method for reorganization of mapping information in flash memory
27 8,595,403 Display apparatus
28 8,595,371 Sending a remote user interface
29 8,595,339 Network management apparatus and method
30 8,595,284 Web application script migration
31 8,595,000 Method and apparatus to search fixed codebook and method and apparatus to encode/decode a speech signal using the method and apparatus to search fixed codebook
32 8,594,915 Traffic alert system and method
33 8,594,860 Apparatus and method with mobile relocation
34 8,594,752 Sliding/swing module and mobile terminal having same
35 8,594,719 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in wireless communication system
36 8,594,689 Apparatus and method for resource allocation for frequency overlay scheme in a broadband wireless communication system
37 8,594,683 Method and apparatus for adaptive scheduling based on coordinated rank in multi-cell communication system
38 8,594,675 Multi-cell communication method and system of a mobile terminal, a micro base station, and a macro base station
39 8,594,649 Method and system for acquiring application in mobile device
40 8,594,644 Device and method for executing reserved function in mobile communication terminal
41 8,594,620 Method for performing communication using collect call in GSM/UMTS-based mobile communication system
42 8,594,560 Device and method for managing event information in wireless terminal
43 8,594,529 Transfer unit engagement assembly of an image forming apparatus
44 8,594,509 Apparatus and method for arranging communication links in visible light communication
45 8,594,493 Image photographing device having function for compensating for hand vibration
46 8,594,443 Method and apparatus for motion compensation supporting multicodec
47 8,594,424 Apparatus and method for recognizing characters using a camera
48 8,594,245 Digital broadcasting receiving system and method
49 8,594,195 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding at least one image frame that is artificially inserted into image sequence
50 8,594,183 Method and apparatus for decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and method and apparatus for encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
51 8,594,139 Dual transmission stream generating device and method
52 8,594,129 Wireless LAN communication method and apparatus
53 8,594,119 Wireless communication method and apparatus
54 8,594,053 Apparatus and method for adaptive beam-forming in wireless communication system
55 8,594,037 Method and apparatus for assigning response channel resources
56 8,594,027 Apparatus and method for peer-to-peer (P2P) communications in a broadband wireless communication system
57 8,594,022 Method and apparatus for coding of HARQ-ACK transmission in TDD systems with downlink carrier aggregation
58 8,594,011 Method and apparatus for establishing connection between eNB
59 8,593,977 Method and apparatus for transmitting data and method and apparatus for performing data tasks
60 8,593,901 Data write training method
61 8,593,900 Method and apparatus for performing multi-block access operation in nonvolatile memory device
62 8,593,898 Electronic device and memory device of current compensation
63 8,593,884 Data storage system and a data retention method thereof
64 8,593,877 Method of programming non-volatile memory device and apparatuses for performing the method
65 8,593,867 Flash memory device and reading method thereof
66 8,593,865 Nonvolatile memory device having stacked transistor configuration
67 8,593,837 Power supply device and method, based on power supply mode, for image forming apparatus
68 8,593,826 Memory module, memory system having the memory module, and method for manufacturing the memory module
69 8,593,706 Illuminating light source, scanner module employing the same, and image scanning apparatus employing the scanner module
70 8,593,705 Dual sided image reading apparatus and method to print sides using different options
71 8,593,669 Image forming apparatus, e-mail server, e-mail facsimile transmission system having the same, and e-mail facsimile setting method of image forming apparatus
72 8,593,655 Host apparatus and system finishing method thereof
73 8,593,616 Actuator, stage device, and exposure apparatus
74 8,593,610 Liquid crystal display device
75 8,593,605 Liquid crystal display
76 8,593,601 Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
77 8,593,592 Polarizer and liquid crystal display device having the same
78 8,593,583 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
79 8,593,566 Method and apparatus for controlling light emission of flash and digital photographing apparatus using the method and apparatus
80 8,593,556 Digital image signal processing apparatus for displaying angle of view information, method of controlling the apparatus, and medium for recording the method
81 8,593,550 Method of driving an image sensor with blooming current
82 8,593,532 Optical image stabilizer employing a scratch drive actuator
83 8,593,499 Apparatus and method for improving video telephony quality using metadata based on radio signal strength
84 8,593,493 Display device and control method of display device
85 8,593,492 Light guide plate, backlight unit and display apparatus including the same and manufacturing method thereof
86 8,593,489 Display apparatus and control method thereof
87 8,593,455 Method and system for compressing and decoding mesh data with random accessibility in three-dimensional mesh model
88 8,593,451 Apparatus and method for generating octree based 3D map
89 8,593,448 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
90 8,593,444 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
91 8,593,436 User interface systems and methods for manipulating and viewing digital documents
92 8,593,393 Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
93 8,593,386 Display device
94 8,593,385 Display device comprising color pixels connected to gate drivers and driving method thereof
95 8,593,380 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
96 8,593,378 Organic light emitting display
97 8,593,372 Foldable display device
98 8,593,353 Antenna device for a portable terminal
99 8,593,326 Dual-mode comparator and analog to digital converter having the same
100 8,593,319 Image sensors and image processing systems
101 8,593,307 Methods of compressing data in storage device
102 8,593,281 Passage alert system and method using RFID
103 8,593,247 Chip-type coil component
104 8,593,228 Spread spectrum clock generators and electronic devices including the same
105 8,593,112 Battery pack
106 8,593,089 Motor driving apparatus and method
107 8,593,063 White light emitting device
108 8,593,060 Multi-display apparatus and methods thereof
109 8,593,058 Organic light-emitting display device
110 8,593,049 Field electron emitter, field electron emission device including the same, and method of manufacturing the field electron emitter
111 8,593,038 Dielectric composition and ceramic electronic component including the same
112 8,592,997 Molded underfill flip chip package preventing warpage and void
113 8,592,991 Semiconductor device, fabricating method thereof and semiconductor package including the semiconductor device
114 8,592,988 Semiconductor device
115 8,592,979 Semiconductor device conductive pattern structures and methods of manufacturing the same
116 8,592,912 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
117 8,592,881 Organic light emitting element and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,592,873 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of forming the same
119 8,592,839 Vertical light-emitting devices having patterned emitting unit and methods of manufacturing the same
120 8,592,833 Organic light emitting diode display including a microlens array
121 8,592,832 Organic light emission diode display device and method of fabricating the same
122 8,592,818 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,592,812 Device for analyzing charge and ultraviolet (UV) light
124 8,592,809 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,592,799 Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same
126 8,592,678 Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
127 8,592,677 Substrate, solar cell including the substrate, and method of manufacturing the same
128 8,592,534 Poly(ferrocenyl)silane based polymer, method of preparing the same, and film including the poly(ferrocenyl)silane based polymer
129 8,592,528 Polymer, composition and film
130 8,592,315 Chemical mechanical polishing method
131 8,592,310 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
132 8,592,281 Method of forming polysilicon resistor during replacement metal gate process and semiconductor device having same
133 8,592,273 Method of manufacturing nonvolatile memory device
134 8,592,269 Method of manufacturing gate structure and method of manufacturing semiconductor device including the same
135 8,592,265 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having a metal gate electrode
136 8,592,235 Method for preparing phosphor and light emitting device
137 8,592,231 LED package structure and manufacturing method, and LED array module
138 8,592,135 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
139 8,592,116 Toner for developing electrostatic charge image, method of preparing the same, device for supplying the same, and apparatus and method for forming image using the same
140 8,592,105 Photomasks and methods of fabricating the same
141 8,592,104 Mask for forming patterns of semiconductor device
142 8,592,099 Method of preparing a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell
143 8,592,088 Electrode assembly with porous ceramic layer and secondary battery with the same
144 8,592,087 Negative active material, electrode including the same, and lithium battery including electrode
145 8,592,086 Negative electrode comprising an additive with a ceramic core and carbon disposed on the core for energy storage device and energy storage device including same
146 8,592,083 Negative electrode and negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
147 8,592,082 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
148 8,592,080 Secondary battery
149 8,592,079 Rechargeable battery
150 8,592,077 Rechargeable battery
151 8,592,070 Lithium rechargeable battery
152 8,592,066 Battery assembly
153 8,592,062 Battery pack
154 8,592,037 Nanocrystal doped matrixes
155 8,591,809 Substrate transfer container, gas purge monitoring tool, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment with the same
156 8,591,771 Dispersed solution of carbon nanotubes and method of preparing the same
157 8,591,615 Dust collecting apparatus of vacuum cleaner having function of removing dust detached from filter
158 8,591,609 Reformer with high durability
159 8,591,424 Pressurizing module and blood pressure measuring device including the same
160 8,591,280 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus
161 8,590,993 Refrigerator and receptacle assembly thereof
162 8,590,992 Refrigerator
163 8,590,710 Target particles-separating device and method using multi-orifice flow fractionation channel
164 8,590,378 Gyroscope sensor circuit
165 8,590,338 Evaporator with internal restriction