Samsung patents granted on 29 April 2008

127 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D568,012 Vacuum cleaner
2 D568,011 Vacuum cleaner
3 D567,817 Video image display for mobile phone
4 D567,816 Video image display for mobile phone
5 D567,797 Portable phone
6 D567,796 Mobile phone
7 D567,795 Portable phone
8 D567,794 Portable phone
9 D567,791 Portable phone
10 D567,789 Mobile phone
11 D567,788 Cellular phone
12 D567,787 Portable phone
13 D567,786 Portable phone
14 D567,785 Portable phone
15 D567,784 Portable phone
16 D567,783 Portable phone
17 D567,782 Handsfree portable phone
18 D567,780 Mobile phone
19 D567,768 HMD (head mounted display)
20 7,367,062 Method for BIOS security of computer system
21 7,367,037 Disk player, and turntable incorporating self-compensating dynamic balancer, clamper incorporating self-compensating dynamic balancer and spindle motor incorporating self-compensating dynamic balancer adopted for disk player
22 7,367,031 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
23 7,367,030 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
24 7,366,986 Apparatus for receiving MPEG data, system for transmitting/receiving MPEG data and method thereof
25 7,366,967 Methods of testing semiconductor memory devices in a variable CAS latency environment and related semiconductor test devices
26 7,366,928 Voltage regulation control unit for determining a percent voltage regulation of a CPU core voltage based on a spec signal from the CPU
27 7,366,886 System and method for automatically resetting a display information if optionally changed display information is not suitable for extended display information data (EDID) of a monitor
28 7,366,874 Apparatus and method for dispatching very long instruction word having variable length
29 7,366,855 Page replacement method using page information
30 7,366,827 Method and apparatus for selectively transmitting command signal and address signal
31 7,366,822 Semiconductor memory device capable of reading and writing data at the same time
32 7,366,612 Method and apparatus for compensating attitude of inertial navigation system and method and apparatus for calculating position of inertial navigation system using the same
33 7,366,588 System and method for managing indoor air through cooperation between air conditioner and mobile assistant device
34 7,366,549 Integrated mobile terminal device and method for controlling external display unit
35 7,366,534 Wireless communication apparatus, method thereof, and wireless communication system employing the same
36 7,366,521 Distributed identity server for use in a telecommunication switch
37 7,366,494 Billing method in electronic switch in a cellular network
38 7,366,479 Mobile communication terminal having an external antenna
39 7,366,418 High-speed wireless personal area network system for extending service area
40 7,366,415 Wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network capable of integrating broadcast and communication services
41 7,366,400 Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
42 7,366,324 Apparatus and method for sensing a state of a movable body
43 7,366,272 Method and device for transmitting packet data in mobile communication system
44 7,366,271 Clock and data recovery device coping with variable data rates
45 7,366,253 Device and method for transmitting and receiving data by a transmit diversity scheme using multiple antennas in a mobile communication system
46 7,366,247 Adaptive transmit antenna diversity apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
47 7,366,229 Method for generating a preamble sequence group
48 7,366,225 Apparatus and method for receiving data in a mobile communication system using an adaptive antenna array technique
49 7,366,204 Apparatus for generating and restoring RTP packet and method thereof
50 7,366,195 Apparatus and method for efficiently transmitting and receiving multicast data
51 7,366,188 Gateway for supporting communications between network devices of different private networks
52 7,366,180 Hybrid base station transceiver for plural networks
53 7,366,167 Apparatus and method for hairpinning data packets in an Ethernet MAC chip
54 7,366,150 Indoor local area network system using ultra wide-band communication system
55 7,366,140 Apparatus and method for switching transmit diversity in a wireless network
56 7,366,122 Apparatus and method for processing data in high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) communication system
57 7,366,117 Method and apparatus for sharing a downlink dedicated physical channel in a narrow-band time division duplexing system
58 7,366,090 Apparatus and method for generating a preamble sequence in an OFDM communication system
59 7,366,085 High-density optical recording medium and method of recording data on the same
60 7,366,084 Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the lead-out area
61 7,366,077 High-density optical recording medium and method of recording data on the same
62 7,366,068 Method for recording data to a write once disc
63 7,366,052 Memory device, memory system and method of inputting/outputting data into/from the same
64 7,366,038 Circuit and method of driving a word line of a memory device
65 7,366,033 3-level non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
66 7,366,020 Flash memory device capable of preventing an overerase of flash memory cells and erase method thereof
67 7,365,992 Electronic circuit package
68 7,365,987 Structure for heat dissipation of integrated circuit chip and display module including the same
69 7,365,984 Display module
70 7,365,938 Disk drive having heat sink device
71 7,365,912 Compact zoom lens
72 7,365,812 Flat panel display apparatus with grounded PCB
73 7,365,797 Display synchronization signal generation apparatus in digital broadcast receiver and decoder
74 7,365,767 Apparatus for driving plasma display panel and method for displaying pictures on plasma display panel
75 7,365,761 Thermal printer
76 7,365,742 Light emitting display and driving method thereof
77 7,365,724 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
78 7,365,723 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
79 7,365,722 Four color liquid crystal display and driving device and method thereof
80 7,365,712 Plasma display panel
81 7,365,711 Driving apparatus of plasma display panel and method for displaying pictures on plasma display panel
82 7,365,710 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display device
83 7,365,709 Plasma display panel driver
84 7,365,691 Antenna tuning of portable terminal using EMI paint
85 7,365,660 Method and device for decoding syntax element in CABAC decoder
86 7,365,595 Internal voltage generator
87 7,365,575 Gated clock logic circuit
88 7,365,572 Multipath input buffer circuits
89 7,365,571 Input buffer with wide input voltage range
90 7,365,562 Display device and method of testing sensing unit thereof
91 7,365,526 Synchronous buck DC/DC converter to perform an improved switching operation by adjusting variable resistor
92 7,365,500 Display device having lamp control circuit
93 7,365,496 Light emitting panel and light emitting apparatus having the same
94 7,365,495 Flat panel display
95 7,365,492 Plasma display panel
96 7,365,491 Plasma display panel having discharge electrodes buried in barrier ribs
97 7,365,490 Plasma display device
98 7,365,488 High efficiency organic electroluminescent display and method for fabricating the same
99 7,365,483 Field emission display having grid plate with multi-layered structure
100 7,365,482 Field emission display including electron emission source formed in multi-layer structure
101 7,365,390 Method of fabricating recess transistor in integrated circuit device and recess transistor in integrated circuit device fabricated by the same
102 7,365,294 Microwave oven
103 7,365,293 Wall-mounting type microwave oven having a lamp supporter
104 7,365,025 Methods of forming dual-damascene interconnect structures on semiconductor substrates using multiple planarization layers having different porosity characteristics
105 7,365,021 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using an organic compound and fluoride-based buffered solution
106 7,365,010 Semiconductor device having carbon-containing metal silicide layer and method of fabricating the same
107 7,364,992 Method of forming polycrystalline silicon thin film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor using the method
108 7,364,990 Epitaxial crystal growth process in the manufacturing of a semiconductor device
109 7,364,987 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
110 7,364,973 Method of manufacturing NOR-type mask ROM device and semiconductor device including the same
111 7,364,967 Methods of forming storage capacitors for semiconductor devices
112 7,364,960 Methods for fabricating solid state image sensor devices having non-planar transistors
113 7,364,955 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having single crystalline silicon layers
114 7,364,940 Organic thin film transistor including fluorine-based polymer thin film and method of fabricating the same
115 7,364,933 Image sensor and method for forming the same
116 7,364,857 Method of purifying nucleic acid using silver nanoparticles
117 7,364,843 Method of identifying target cell using target cell-specific virus
118 7,364,833 Photoresist composition for organic layer of liquid crystal display, spin-less coating method thereof, fabrication method of organic layer pattern and liquid crystal display fabricated using the same
119 7,364,825 Charge transport materials having a nitrogen-containing-heterocycle hydrazone group
120 7,364,817 Secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
121 7,364,784 Thin semiconductor package having stackable lead frame and method of manufacturing the same
122 7,364,597 Metal complex colorant comprising azo moiety
123 7,364,497 Polish pad and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus comprising the same
124 7,364,442 Fixing structure of circuit board and display module comprising the same
125 7,364,363 Bearing and turbo compressor comprising the same
126 7,364,340 Backlight unit for flat panel display and flat panel display apparatus having the same
127 7,364,275 Piezoelectric actuator of an ink-jet printhead and method for forming the same