Samsung patents granted on 29 May 2007

76 US patents granted on 29 May 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,225,450 Door apparatus for a disc drive
2 7,225,384 Method for controlling turbo decoding time in a high-speed packet data communication system
3 7,225,128 System and method for providing information using spoken dialogue interface
4 7,225,123 Method for compressing audio signal using wavelet packet transform and apparatus thereof
5 7,225,039 Control system for semiconductor processing apparatus
6 7,225,002 Inclined-type mobile communication terminal
7 7,224,997 Apparatus and method for radio signal parallel processing
8 7,224,907 Duobinary optical transmission apparatus
9 7,224,884 Design method for a video signal processing integrated circuit and integrated circuit and video signal processing apparatus thereby
10 7,224,843 Apparatus for binary-coding image and method using the same
11 7,224,750 Apparatus and method for receiving RF signal free of 1/f noise in radio communication system
12 7,224,742 Apparatus and method for reducing the peak-to-average power ratio of OFDM/OFDMA signals
13 7,224,729 Method of progressively coding/decoding 3-D mesh information and apparatus thereof
14 7,224,725 Method for determining coefficients of an equalizer and apparatus for determining the same
15 7,224,660 Optical disk device and method of recording optical data
16 7,224,655 Apparatus method for detecting tilt at inner and outer circumference and determining tilt degree based on times when focus error signals are detected
17 7,224,651 Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit, method and circuit for detecting wobble address, and recording medium thereof
18 7,224,647 Method, apparatus, and medium for controlling a servo using a detected header field signal, and method, apparatus, and medium for detecting the header field signal
19 7,224,624 Page buffer for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of operation
20 7,224,616 Circuit and method for generating wordline voltage in nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
21 7,224,596 Apparatus and method for repairing semiconductor memory device
22 7,224,519 Low noise multi-wavelength light source and wavelength division multiplexing system using same
23 7,224,506 Single side band modulation device
24 7,224,425 System and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display wherein the bonding of the printed circuit film on the panel assembly is inspected
25 7,224,424 Drive IC and display device having the same
26 7,224,416 Backlight assembly using the same and liquid crystal display device
27 7,224,409 Channel tuning method and television using channel name auto completion function
28 7,224,404 Remote display control of video/graphics data
29 7,224,402 Apparatus for processing image signal and method thereof
30 7,224,399 De-interlacing method and apparatus, and video decoder and reproducing apparatus using the same
31 7,224,354 Apparatus and method for generating high-voltage regulation signal in a display
32 7,224,351 Liquid crystal display and driving device thereof
33 7,224,334 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
34 7,224,303 Data driving apparatus in a current driving type display device
35 7,224,245 Duplexer fabricated with monolithic FBAR and isolation part and a method thereof
36 7,224,223 Feed-forward power amplifier
37 7,224,198 Input and output circuit and method of operation thereof
38 7,224,176 Semiconductor device having test element groups
39 7,224,122 Plasma display panel (PDP) with multiple dielectric layers
40 7,224,121 Plasma display device
41 7,224,119 Device package with a thermoplastic encapsulation cap and device encapsulation method
42 7,224,090 Surface-mountable linear vibrator
43 7,224,055 Center pad type IC chip with jumpers, method of processing the same and multi chip package
44 7,223,999 Liquid crystal display device having a thin film transistor substrate with a multi-cell gap structure and method of manufacturing same
45 7,223,997 Thin film transistor array panel
46 7,223,951 Cooking control method of microwave oven and apparatus for performing the same
47 7,223,805 Light-resistive dispersant and ink composition containing the same
48 7,223,721 Resist and etching by-product removing composition and resist removing method using the same
49 7,223,702 Method of and apparatus for performing sequential processes requiring different amounts of time in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices
50 7,223,693 Methods for fabricating memory devices using sacrificial layers and memory devices fabricated by same
51 7,223,689 Methods for forming a metal contact in a semiconductor device in which an ohmic layer is formed while forming a barrier metal layer
52 7,223,659 Memory device and fabrication method thereof
53 7,223,657 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices with floating gates that have reduced seams
54 7,223,649 Method of fabricating transistor of DRAM semiconductor device
55 7,223,514 Method of fabricating donor substrate and method of fabricating OLED using the donor substrate
56 7,223,504 Crystallization mask, crystallization method, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor including crystallized semiconductor
57 7,223,501 Polymer electrolyte and lithium battery employing the same
58 7,223,500 Non-aqueous electrolyte and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
59 7,223,498 Electrode for a lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery comprising the same
60 7,223,482 Phosphor for a plasma display device coated with a continuous thin protective layer and method of manufacture
61 7,223,355 Functional additive having UV-absorbing substituent and ink composition containing the same
62 7,223,158 Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer
63 7,223,081 Variable capacity rotary compressor
64 7,223,010 Light guide panel of edge-light type backlight system and edge-light type backlight system employing the same
65 7,223,003 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
66 7,222,931 Method and apparatus for correcting printing error
67 7,222,491 Air conditioner and method for performing oil equalizing operation in the air conditioner
68 D543,541 Cover for cellular phone
69 D543,531 Portable phone
70 D543,530 Mobile phone
71 D543,529 Mobile phone
72 D543,528 Mobile phone
73 D543,526 Portable phone
74 D543,525 Mobile phone
75 D543,524 Portable phone
76 D543,523 Mobile phone