Sony patents granted on 03 January 2017

58 US patents granted on 03 January 2017 and assigned to Sony

1 D775,594 Television receiver
2 9,538,567 Wireless communication device information processing device, and communication method
3 9,538,553 Communication apparatus, communication method, communication system, and base station
4 9,538,548 Communication control apparatus, terminal apparatus, and communication control method
5 9,538,534 Communication control apparatus and communication control method for assigning resources for relay of data traffic
6 9,538,467 Telecommunications systems and methods
7 9,538,448 Communication device, communication control method, and communication system
8 9,538,342 Systems and methods for prioritizing messages on a mobile device
9 9,538,214 Devices and methods for dynamic broadcast
10 9,538,211 Transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus, and reception method
11 9,538,163 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
12 9,538,153 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
13 9,538,121 Camera control apparatus and camera control method
14 9,538,104 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, manufacturing apparatus, manufacturing method, and electronic apparatus
15 9,538,103 Signal processing unit, signal processing method, image pickup device, and image pickup apparatus
16 9,538,089 Image-taking apparatus, information processing apparatus, and image-taking system
17 9,538,088 Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
18 9,538,084 Imaging apparatus, imaging display control method, and program
19 9,538,063 Operation apparatus
20 9,538,049 Scheme for determining the locations and timing of advertisements and other insertions in media
21 9,538,021 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, recording medium, and information processing system
22 9,537,651 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
23 9,537,532 Device for power line communication, method for transmitting signals, and method for receiving signals
24 9,537,529 Communication apparatus
25 9,537,309 Power supply circuit, power supply system, and electric storage device
26 9,537,288 Semiconductor laser device assembly
27 9,537,170 Biofuel cell and electronic device
28 9,537,005 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and antenna switch module
29 9,536,921 Radiation image-pickup device and radiation image-pickup display system
30 9,536,919 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
31 9,536,543 Information processing device, storage medium, and method
32 9,536,542 Encoding device and method, decoding device and method, and program
33 9,536,515 Headphone device
34 9,536,478 Color dependent content adaptive backlight control
35 9,536,477 Display control device and recording medium
36 9,536,473 Display device and a method of manufacturing display device
37 9,536,461 Method and system for use in uprendering multimedia content
38 9,536,454 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
39 9,536,336 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
40 9,536,335 Using frequency decomposition for better color consistency in a synthesized region
41 9,536,280 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, transmitting method, receiving method, and transmitting and receiving system
42 9,536,274 Drawing processor, drawing processing system, and drawing processing method
43 9,536,272 Information processing apparatus, method and computer-readable medium
44 9,536,246 Content recommendation system, content recommendation device, and content recommendation method
45 9,535,991 Video display for displaying a series of representative images for video
46 9,535,928 Combining information of different levels for content-based retrieval of digital pathology images
47 9,535,841 Cache memory and cache memory control unit
48 9,535,768 Managing multi-threaded operations in a multimedia authoring environment
49 9,535,719 Information processing system and computer control method for calculating and allocating computer resources
50 9,535,552 Sensor managed apparatus, method and computer program product
51 9,535,511 Character input device
52 9,535,462 Information processing device and method of manufacturing information processing device
53 9,535,307 Light shielding device, light shielding method, and program
54 9,535,248 Image capturing device, image capturing method, and information distribution system
55 9,535,191 Optical element, method for producing the same, and display apparatus
56 9,534,957 Unevenness inspection apparatus and unevenness inspection method
57 9,533,709 Cruise-assist image generation device, cruise-assist image generation method, in-vehicle camera and equipment-control assist image generation device
58 9,533,222 Video game overlay