Sony patents granted on 10 January 2017

61 US patents granted on 10 January 2017 and assigned to Sony

1 D776,184 Camera
2 D776,183 Video camera
3 D776,139 Display panel or screen with graphical user interface
4 D776,070 Non-contact type data carrier
5 9,545,019 Housing and housing component
6 9,544,979 Audio illumination apparatus and storage medium
7 9,544,931 Wireless communication device, communication system, and communication method
8 9,544,903 Power control for secondary communication system based on guard width and distance from primary communication system
9 9,544,866 Position estimation of a wireless terminal in a structure using base station signal information
10 9,544,859 Method and apparatus for reference symbol transmission
11 9,544,780 Communication control apparatus, base station, terminal apparatus, and communication control method
12 9,544,620 System and method to easily return to a recently-accessed service on a second display
13 9,544,615 Method and system for processing video content
14 9,544,614 Image processing device and method for assigning luma blocks to chroma blocks
15 9,544,613 Local detection model (LDM) for recursive motion estimation
16 9,544,599 Context adaptive data encoding
17 9,544,578 Portable electronic equipment and method of controlling an autostereoscopic display
18 9,544,571 Image pickup unit, image pickup device, picture processing method, diaphragm control method, and program
19 9,544,535 Transmission system, transmission apparatus, and transmission method for transmitting video data
20 9,544,524 Remote controller, remote control system and program
21 9,544,522 Solid-state imaging device and method of operating the same, and electronic apparatus and method of operating the same
22 9,544,519 Solid-state imaging device, driving method, and electronic device
23 9,544,405 Method and apparatus for wired and wireless communication
24 9,544,245 Server reservation method, reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
25 9,544,007 Wireless transmission system, wireless communication device, and wireless communication method
26 9,543,909 Amplifier, driving method for amplifier, and electronic circuit system
27 9,543,785 Electrical charging/discharging control apparatus, electric-power management apparatus, electric-power management method and electric-power management system
28 9,543,763 Power control apparatus, power transmission apparatus, and power control system
29 9,543,613 Secondary battery with electrolytic solution including a methylene cyclic carbonate, battery pack, electric vehicle, energy storage system, electric power tool, and electronic unit including the same
30 9,543,514 Memory component, memory device, and method of operating memory device
31 9,543,512 Switch device and storage unit
32 9,543,351 Image sensor, imaging apparatus, and imaging method
33 9,543,350 Solid-state imaging device and camera including discrete trench isolation structure
34 9,543,346 Imaging element and imaging device
35 9,543,345 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging element, solid-state imaging element, method for manufacturing electronic apparatus, and electronic apparatus
36 9,543,341 Solid-state imaging device and electronic apparatus
37 9,542,975 Centralized database for 3-D and other information in videos
38 9,542,967 Magnetic recording medium
39 9,542,952 Decoding device, decoding method, encoding device, encoding method, and program
40 9,542,908 Character highlighting control apparatus, display apparatus, highlighting display control method, and computer program
41 9,542,768 Apparatus, method, and program for processing 3D microparticle data
42 9,542,759 Image processing device, method of processing image, and image processing program including false color correction
43 9,542,755 Image processor and image processing method
44 9,542,729 Image processing device, method of controlling image processing device, and program for causing computer to execute the same method
45 9,542,727 Reproducing device, setting changing method, and setting changing device
46 9,542,722 Automatic scaling of objects based on depth map for image editing
47 9,542,720 Terminal device, image display method, and storage medium
48 9,542,680 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system
49 9,542,270 Storage control device, storage device, information processing system and storage control method
50 9,542,096 Mobile client device, operation method, recording medium, and operation system
51 9,542,095 Display control device, display control method, and recording medium
52 9,542,087 Information processing device, display method, and program
53 9,542,072 List display apparatus, list display method and graphical user interface
54 9,542,058 System and method for interactive competitive release board
55 9,541,795 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
56 9,541,762 Optical device, and virtual image display
57 9,541,761 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
58 9,541,655 Imaging apparatus, current/voltage conversion circuit, and imaging method
59 9,541,516 Electrolyte solution, method for producing electrolyte solution, and electrochemical device
60 9,539,508 Intelligent game loading
61 9,539,059 Medical robot arm apparatus, medical robot arm control system, medical robot arm control method, and program