Toshiba patents granted on 02 December 2008

42 US patents granted on 02 December 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D581,925 Emulator for a microcomputer
2 D581,888 Television receiver
3 7,461,309 Systems and methods for providing output data in an LBIST system having a limited number of output ports
4 7,461,279 Logic circuit system and method of changing operating voltage of a programmable logic circuit
5 7,461,269 Information recording apparatus, information recording method, and digital broadcast receiver
6 7,461,082 Data structure of metadata and reproduction method of the same
7 7,460,819 Toner cartridge and image forming apparatus
8 7,460,807 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
9 7,460,698 Ultrasonic picture processing method and ultrasonic picture processing apparatus
10 7,460,692 Image forming apparatus
11 7,460,669 Encoding, decoding and communication method and apparatus
12 7,460,645 X-ray tube
13 7,460,640 Radiotherapy monitoring apparatus
14 7,460,573 Optical frequency stabilizer and method for stabilizing optical frequency
15 7,460,477 Electronic apparatus with communication device
16 7,460,427 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
17 7,460,421 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
18 7,460,408 Semiconductor memory device of single-bit-line drive type
19 7,460,402 Semiconductor memory device which generates voltages corresponding to a plurality of threshold voltages
20 7,460,324 Head amplifier circuit with function for degaussing residual magnetism of recording head
21 7,460,260 Method of providing continuous feedback
22 7,460,194 Flat display device including stress easing frame bezel
23 7,460,193 Flat panel display having sensor board and circuit board attached to frame via screws
24 7,460,121 Multidimensional data display program
25 7,460,061 Distributed radar data processing system
26 7,460,042 Encoding circuit, decoding circuit, encoder circuit, decoder circuit, and CABAC processing method
27 7,459,945 Gate driving circuit and gate driving method of power MOSFET
28 7,459,833 Thin film piezoelectric actuator
29 7,459,827 Piezoelectric-driven MEMS device and method for manufacturing the same
30 7,459,759 Magnetic random access memory
31 7,459,751 Insulated gate semiconductor device with small feedback capacitance and manufacturing method thereof
32 7,459,748 Semiconductor memory device
33 7,459,741 Semiconductor memory device
34 7,459,716 Resistance change memory device
35 7,459,715 Resistance change memory device
36 7,459,705 Charged particle beam exposure method of character projection system, charged particle beam exposure device of character projection system, program for use in charged particle beam exposure device, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
37 7,459,398 Slurry for CMP, polishing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
38 7,459,391 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
39 7,459,264 Device manufacturing method
40 7,459,246 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, stencil mask and method for manufacturing a the same
41 7,458,719 X-ray diagnostic apparatus
42 7,458,412 Method of forming a housing having a thin wall and the housing