Toshiba patents granted on 05 January 2010

45 US patents granted on 05 January 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 7,644,342 Semiconductor memory device
2 7,644,298 Processor, control device for a processor, clock frequency determining method and source voltage controlling method of a processor
3 7,644,297 Processor, control device for a processor, clock frequency determining method and source voltage controlling method of a processor
4 7,644,234 Information processing apparatus with a cache memory and information processing method
5 7,644,092 System for managing data on memory device using file system
6 7,644,067 System and method for accessing content from selected sources via a document processing device
7 7,643,888 Control apparatus
8 7,643,736 Apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
9 7,643,643 Electronic apparatus
10 7,643,567 OFDM signal transmitting method and transmitter and receiver thereof
11 7,643,565 Portable terminal, communication system, and communication method
12 7,643,552 Method for displaying three-dimensional image, method for capturing three-dimensional image, and three-dimensional display apparatus
13 7,643,397 Phase-change optical recording media and optical recording-reproducing apparatus
14 7,643,394 Optical disk, optical disk recording method, and optical disk recording apparatus
15 7,643,362 Semiconductor memory device in which redundancy (RD) of adjacent column is automatically repaired
16 7,643,358 Non volatile semiconductor memory device
17 7,643,347 Semiconductor memory device
18 7,643,346 NAND type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having sideface electrode shared by memory cells
19 7,643,345 Semiconductor memory device which includes stacked gate having charge accumulation layer and control gate
20 7,643,331 Semiconductor device
21 7,643,237 Data loss prevention method of a media storage device and media storage device
22 7,643,033 Multi-dimensional texture mapping apparatus, method and program
23 7,642,868 Wide range interpolative voltage controlled oscillator
24 7,642,863 Systems and methods for PLL linearity measurement, PLL output duty cycle measurement and duty cycle correction
25 7,642,789 Storage device, and writing unit diagnosing method
26 7,642,779 MRI RF coil configured to decouple coil elements and MRI apparatus employing the same
27 7,642,778 MRI apparatus
28 7,642,760 Power supply circuit
29 7,642,680 Rotary electrical machine
30 7,642,604 Semiconductor device and fabrication method of same
31 7,642,599 Semiconductor device and junction termination structure
32 7,642,597 Power semiconductor device
33 7,642,542 Semiconductor light-emitting device and producing method for the same
34 7,642,538 Switching element, line-switching device and logic circuit
35 7,642,530 Ion implantation apparatus and ion implanting method
36 7,642,502 Photo relay having an insulated gate field effect transistor with variable impedance
37 7,642,494 Light emitting apparatus and method for inspecting same
38 7,642,165 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
39 7,642,162 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
40 7,642,113 Semiconductor wafer dividing method
41 7,642,015 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
42 7,642,014 Positive electrode active material containing a lithium-containing composite metal oxide and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
43 7,641,389 Magnetic devices
44 7,641,385 Heating apparatus, heating apparatus control method and noncontact thermal sensing device
45 7,641,114 Authentication system, authentication method, and entrance/exit management system