Toshiba patents granted on 09 December 2008

46 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D582,410 Flash memory pack
2 D582,362 Video server
3 D582,308 Remote controller for body weight and body composition measuring machine
4 D582,307 Body weight and body composition measuring machine with communication
5 7,464,399 Portable device and a method for accessing a computer resource of a temporary registered user
6 7,464,379 Method and system for performing real-time operation
7 7,464,365 Method and computer program product for operating a specification of a system
8 7,464,325 Information terminal device
9 7,464,320 Synchronous semiconductor storage device having error correction function
10 7,464,305 Coding system and decoding system using a synchronization code
11 7,464,304 Coding system and decoding system
12 7,464,296 System and method for identifying failure candidates in a semiconductor apparatus
13 7,464,259 Microprocessor boot-up controller, nonvolatile memory controller, and information processing system
14 7,464,206 Semiconductor device and method of connecting the same
15 7,464,060 Time series pattern extraction apparatus and method
16 7,463,941 Quality control system, quality control method, and method of lot-to-lot wafer processing
17 7,463,900 Discontinuous reception method for mobile communication terminal device and mobile communication terminal device
18 7,463,892 Latency-aware service opportunity window-based (LASO) scheduling
19 7,463,855 Color image forming apparatus and image forming method
20 7,463,624 Monitoring connection state between main equipment and terminal in network telephone system
21 7,463,541 Semiconductor storage device
22 7,463,540 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
23 7,463,523 Semiconductor memory device and method of driving a semiconductor memory device
24 7,463,515 Semiconductor memory device
25 7,463,491 Wiring board and a semiconductor device using the same
26 7,463,456 Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
27 7,463,455 Magnetoresistive head having first and second shield layers between first and second lead layers
28 7,463,452 Flying head slider and magnetic disk apparatus, having a pair of side pads with each side pad having plural surfaces spaced at different depths
29 7,463,393 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 7,463,347 Simulator of optical intensity distribution, computer implemented method for simulating the optical intensity distribution, method for collecting mask pattern, and computer program product for the simulator
31 7,463,297 Liquid crystal display device provided with an image capturing function
32 7,463,262 Image processing apparatus and method
33 7,463,234 Liquid crystal display and data latch circuit
34 7,463,203 Electronic device
35 7,463,117 Film bulk acoustic-wave resonator (FBAR), filter implemented by FBARs and method for manufacturing FBAR
36 7,463,031 MRI apparatus and RF coil assembly utilized therein
37 7,462,964 Fully-enclosed fan-cooled motor
38 7,462,917 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
39 7,462,909 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
40 7,462,869 Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting apparatus
41 7,462,829 Substrate inspection apparatus, substrate inspection method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
42 7,462,569 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
43 7,462,541 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
44 7,462,531 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
45 7,462,425 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and battery module
46 7,461,986 Wire dot printer