Toshiba patents granted on 12 January 2010

25 US patents granted on 12 January 2010 and assigned to Toshiba

1 D607,854 Television set
2 7,647,224 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for speech recognition
3 7,647,086 Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance angiography utilizing flow pulses and phase-encoding pulses in a same direction
4 7,646,998 Image forming apparatus, fixing device and fixing device control method
5 7,646,883 Digital watermark detection method and apparatus
6 7,646,882 Digital watermark embedding apparatus, method and program, and digital watermark detection apparatus, method and program
7 7,646,727 Retransmission method for digital broadcast and its broadcast receiving device
8 7,646,657 Semiconductor memory device having replica circuit
9 7,646,646 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
10 7,646,622 Memory based computation systems and methods of using the same
11 7,646,560 Positioning control system and positioning control method
12 7,646,519 Optical scanner, optical scanning method
13 7,646,359 Flat display unit and method for converting color signal in the unit
14 7,646,222 Semiconductor device for generating power on reset signal
15 7,646,164 Method of adjusting parameters of a synchronous motor and variable speed drive using such a method
16 7,646,072 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
17 7,646,059 Semiconductor device including field effect transistor for use as a high-speed switching device and a power device
18 7,645,988 Substrate inspection method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and substrate inspection apparatus
19 7,645,711 Semiconductor device fabrication method
20 7,645,674 Semiconductor device having an oxide film formed on a semiconductor substrate sidewall of an element region and on a sidewall of a gate electrode
21 7,645,631 Method of manufacturing organic EL display
22 7,645,332 Non-aqueous ink composition for inkjet
23 7,645,119 Axial flow turbine
24 7,645,110 Moving robot with arm mechanism
25 7,645,082 Dot head and method of manufacturing armature structure for dot head