Yahoo patents granted on 03 December 2013

12 US patents granted on 03 December 2013 and assigned to Yahoo

1 8,601,572 Method for sharing a media collection in a network environment
2 8,601,508 System for presenting an electronic programming guide in a satellite communication system
3 8,601,377 System and method for maintaining context sensitive user groups
4 8,601,079 Fast maneuvering and high-speed data attachments for message services
5 8,601,017 Serving reliable content through search
6 8,601,008 System for determining the geographic range of local intent in a search query
7 8,600,979 Infinite browse
8 8,600,965 System and method for observing communication behavior
9 8,600,901 Providing social likeness within a messaging context
10 8,600,343 Method and system for collecting and presenting historical communication data for a mobile device
11 8,599,801 Collecting implicit information for determining context of event actions
12 8,599,203 Systems and methods for presenting visualizations of media access patterns